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Dr. Allison R (short for Raynard) Smith commenced her highly distinguished and lengthy career writing various noted medical treatises on such extraordinary and fanciful subjects as “The Nose: its Illnesses and Manifest Delights” and “The Proper Use and Storage of Thrilling Medical Anomalies.” Soon tiring of the banalities of medical ephemera, she moved on to the study of crime fiction, where she excelled at guessing who the murderer was before the hapless detective could. From these early sucesses she was greatly encouraged and had only to choose between a life as a real detective, and life as a sedentary but well-paid mystery writer. She chose the latter, being accustomed, as she was, to a certain level of luxury, which she now maintains to the fullest extent of her abilities.


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  1. linshaolin said, on January 16, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Dr. Smith, your brilliant treatise on the Nose By Any Other Name (Smells as Sweet) was privitol in my decision to take up my pen in crime fiction as well. To think that you started as a wee infant and then grew up is truly inspirational. Love your blog!

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